Algarve from the Sky  

A BRAND new book entitled The Algarve Visto do Céu, Algarve from the Sky brings together the very first collection of systematic aerial photos of the Algarve and is due for launch on July 22.

A total of 300 unpublished, recent aerial photographs have been selected for inclusion, as well as 30 old images supplied by public archives that together constitute a carefully structured visual narrative of the region.

The Algarve Visto do Céu, Algarve from the Sky is a book of great discovery, cultural and documental interest, and contemplates three views of the territory: the environment, population and the region’s infrastructures.

The photography is by architect Filipe Jorge and the text is by a team of specialists from the Universidade do Algarve, which includes landscape architect Fernando Pessoa (geography and environment), professors João Pedro Bernardes, José Eduardo Horta Correia and Miguel Reimão Costa (population and cities), and professor João Pinto Guerreiro (activities and infrastructures).

This book offers the reader the chance to discover the Algarve region in a truly unforgettable way.

The Algarve Visto do Céu, Algarve from the Sky is printed in Portuguese and English, has 240 pages, and is priced at 60 euros. The book will be launched at 6pm on July 22, at Clube Farense in Rua de Santo António, Faro.