Some of the members of the group with SIC's reporter

Algarve foreigners want to create political movement

Albufeira group hopes to kick-start expat movement across region

A group of foreigners in Albufeira is gearing up to create a political movement to run in the 2025 municipal elections.

The plan is for an association that truly represents the 54 nationalities living in the borough – addressing issues that relate to Albufeira’s ‘non-Portuguese’ which now make up almost 40% of the resident population.

And the ambition is that this idea could spread to other municipalities in the region – all of which have significant foreign populations.

SIC Notícias trailed the story of the group that now has around 1,500 members on Facebook last night, hearing that this is not just about foreigners with financial wherewithal; it is also about nationalities that have come here to find ‘a better life’ and live often on the margin of society, needing help and support without knowing where to find it.

“That is what this association is about”, Alisa Scut told SIC. It will be a way of helping foreigners of all kinds better integrate into their new lives.

Albufeira mayor José Rolo has told SIC that the municipality already has a service to immigrants, open every day, designed to give them the information they need – including when it comes to financial support. But the association considers that foreigners taking these issues into their own hands, and taking them to seats of local power, could be exactly what the non-Portuguese population needs.

Says SIC, beyond the ambition of running for municipal elections, is the hope that Albufeira’s movement travels to neighbouring boroughs. ND

Source material: SIC Notícias