Photo: Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome do Algarve
Photo: Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome do Algarve

Algarve Food Bank launches new campaign this week

The food collection drive will take place in 103 shops across the region on May 6 and 7.

A new solidarity campaign to collect food for the Banco Alimentar do Algarve (Algarve Food Bank) will take place on May 6 and 7 in 103 stores across the region.

In a statement, the president of the Algarve Food Bank, Nuno Cabrita Alves, called for “everyone’s help in this cause”.

“One hour of your day will make a difference in the days of thousands of families”, he added.

All volunteers are welcome to participate in the campaign and help distribute bags and receive food donations, and can do so by registering on the Banco Alimentar do Algarve’s website

Volunteers are also needed for the Faro and Portimão warehouses to unload and sort food and fold bags.

Nuno Cabrita Alves reinforces that “in addition to volunteers in stores and at the warehouse, we need food donations”. With thousands of families on the verge of poverty, every type of support is considered fundamental.

Contributions to help these families can be made in stores with food or vouchers. However, food donations can also be made on the institution’s website, and financial donations can be made here.

The Banco Alimentar do Algarve also appeals to companies in the food sector, such as producers, industry and distributors, to deliver their surplus to the institution.

The campaign’s motto is “Collect where there is excess and deliver where there is lack”.

Banco Alimentar Campaign May 2023