Algarve flood victims deserve more

Dear Editor,

What I found extraordinary was to see how the people of Albufeira, absolutely devastated by the recent floods, responded to the visit of “suits” from the government last week.

Despite all the hardships, they still had smiles on their faces to welcome a bunch of government officials who clearly have done little to help them.

Think about it… were the Albufeira floods not tragic enough to warrant a visit from the prime minister or even the president? Looking at the dramatic situation from abroad, I felt it was awful that a recently appointed interior minister, with little to say, was the designated person to take some comfort to those poor people who have lost so much.

Is the Algarve not making enough money for the state’s coffers? Well, I’m sure it is! Judging by the tourism figures this year, I would say the government has a lot of reasons to smile, thanks to the Algarve!

Come on, dear ministers in Lisbon, pay a little more attention to a region that welcomes you with open arms every summer!

Judith Statham – a regular
Algarve visitor