Algarve firemen seek funds to enter World Rescue Championship in Brazil

For the first time, a team of six volunteer firefighters from São Brás de Alportel entered Portugal’s National Rescue Championship. And for the first time, the competition was hosted by the São Brás Bombeiros. It was open to spectators with a total of 15 teams taking part.

Receiving praise and local support, the São Brás team was placed third, entitling them to enter the World Rescue Championship in October.

It is also the first time a team from the Algarve has qualified but, as the championship is held in Brazil, financial assistance is required to fund the team’s airfares.

The National and World Rescue Championships are assessed by a panel of experts examining which teams have the most advanced skills to rescue and treat people involved in a series of simulated road accidents.

The trials are timed and cutting tools are provided to free people from wreckage and first aid equipment is put to use. Judgement is based upon which teams’ abilities would be most effective in the event of a real accident taking place.

After years of hands-on experience and devoted practice, attending the World Championship would be a high point for the small team of firefighters based in São Brás. This can only be achieved if the cost of airfares can be found.

In a bid to help, the Amigos of São Brás Museum has already donated €100 and collections from the general public are taking place at social events. The next is to be held at the Museum by the Algarve Photography Group. It is the opening of a new exhibition on Friday, July 29 from 7pm. Free entry.

Bank details to make a donation:

The Rescue Team Associação Hum Bombeiros Voluntarios SB Alportel.
Nº Conta: 40229606045
Moeda: EUR (Euro)
NIB: 0045 7212 40229606045 17
IBAN: PT50 -0045 7212 4022 9606 0451 7

By Carolyn Kain

Photo: Daniel Pereira