Algarve film friendly

A PROTOCOL for the promotion of the Algarve as an ideal region for filming movies, multimedia, audiovisual and cinematic projects, has been signed in Seville.

The Algarve Tourism Board and the Algarve Film Commission signed the document during the Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo (European Cinema Festival) in order to “open the Algarve to the world of cinema”, according to the President of the RTA, António Pina.

“With this partnership between the RTA and the Algarve Film Commission, we hope to attract more productions to the region to take full advantage of the best that we have to offer, namely the extraordinary light and natural scenery”, he said.

The two entities are to develop initiatives to entice producers and directors to film in the region. One of which is the publishing of informative and promotional material which will take the Algarve’s image abroad, such as at the Seville Cinema Festival which finished yesterday (Thursday).

‘Algarve film friendly’ is the brochure’s motto which reveals possible places for films to be made. It will also be distributed during the Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva (Huelva’s Iberian-American cinematic festival) which takes place between November 17 and 24.

Hollywood actor Joaquim de Almeida, President of the Algarve Film Commission, was due to meet with the Portimão Câmara President and the President of the RTA this week to launch a plan of action for the creation of attractive conditions to draw filmmakers to that part of the Algarve.

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