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Algarve fails to attract doctors, yet again…

The so-called bold plan to attract 73 much-needed specialist doctors to the Algarve has failed (yet again) very much as the country’s doctors association, Ordem dos Médicos, predicted.

Despite multiple incentives, 31 vacancies remain unfilled, reports RTP news, and are likely to stay that way.

In other regions, the health ministry plan has done even worse, says the state television channel.

“In Covilhã, Guarda and Castelo Branco they hoped to attract 61 specialists. Only nine responded.”

It is a continual problem, doctors association president José Manuel Silva explains, and one that will only be solved by a new package of incentives that do not tie candidates to hospitals for years.

Right now, the ‘attractions’ of higher salaries and more holidays are offset by conditions that leave doctors ‘trapped’ for too long in one area, said Silva.

The health ministry is reported to be aware of this and preparing a new package of incentives to include more rapid career progressions, adds RTP.