Algarve F1 dream shattered

The Algarve will not host a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2023, F1 bosses have confirmed.

An update posted on the official F1 website states that the 2023 season will consist of 23 races – meaning that the cancelled Chinese Grand Prix which was due to take place in April will not be replaced by another race.

In December, the president of the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation, Ni Amorim, revealed that Portugal was at the frontline to replace China in the 2023 calendar.

However, F1 made the decision to stick with just 23 Grands Prix instead of 24.

This means there will be an almost month-long gap between the Australian Grand Prix, which will take place on April 2, and the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on April 30.

The news will certainly be received with huge disappointment by motorsports fans across Portugal, as well as authorities and businesses in the Algarve which were hoping for the significant economic impact that hosting such a large-scale sports event can bring to the region.

The Algarve hosted two F1 races in 2020 and 2021, each won by British racer Lewis Hamilton.