“Algarve Exportador” prepares to propel Algarve at international gourmet fairs

It is a new project, aimed at taking the best of “made in Algarve” gourmet delights to international markets.

Algarve Exportador is being spearheaded by ACRAL, the Algarve’s retailers association, which has been singing the praises of yet another new artisanal business this week.

Laranjas do Algarve, a labour of love nurtured by two Portuguese women, has succeeded in producing Portugal’s answer to limoncello – the popular Italian tipple created in 1990 to save the economy of a region.

Aware how many Algarve oranges go to waste every year, Ana Cerqueira and botanist friend Isabel Bensaúde decided to adapt the formula and try and create a little miracle.

Their 30º proof Orangea “licor” looks like ticking all the boxes. Since launching onto the market last year it has sold 5,000 bottles (the equivalent of 2,500 litres), and sales this year look like tripling.

As ACRAL president Vítor Guerreiro told Lusa earlier this week: “It’s an excellent product” for export, bearing in mind that the Algarve “has the best oranges in the world”.

Anyone keen to try Orangea – which should be served ice cold and can be kept in the freezer – will find it in gourmet outlets locally.