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Algarve expects one million tourists in August

Including Portugal’s political bigwigs  

The Algarve is expecting around one million holidaymakers in August, when most hotels are almost completely booked out.

“The Algarve is full,” Hélder Martins, president of the Algarve hoteliers association (AHETA), told SIC. “After two very hard years, this very quick recovery is something extraordinary that we must all be happy about,” he added.

Martins also stressed the large number of returning tourists, which he believes is proof of the Algarve’s ability to keep visitors coming back year after year.

“Usually you visit a destination, you’ve seen it, and you move onto another. In the Algarve, if you ask tourists, there are many who have been to the Algarve before, and that is a sign that they love it,” he said.

Portugal’s political bigwigs are among the region’s many returning holidaymakers.

Prime Minister António Costa, a frequent summer visitor, travelled to the Algarve last week and is expected to remain in the region for a few more days, reports CNN Portugal.

Another usual visitor is President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who will again enjoy some time off in Portugal’s sunny southernmost region.

Augusto Santos Silva, President of Portugal’s Parliament, is also expected to spend the second half of August in the Algarve.

CNN Portugal adds that Luís Montenegro, leader of opposition party PSD, will also be choosing the Algarve as his summer holiday destination where he will remain until the party’s usual summer gathering Festa do Pontal.

The list of politicians set to enjoy their holiday in the Algarve also includes Jerónimo de Sousa, long-running leader of Portugal’s Communist Party (PCP), as well as Inês Sousa Real, head of Animal, People, Nature Party (PAN), who will be dividing her time between the Alentejo coastline and the Algarve.

By Michael Bruxo