Algarve enjoys warmest seawater in last 35 years

If you’ve gone for a swim in the sea at an Algarve beach this summer, you’ve certainly noticed that the water has been pleasantly warm this year – more so than usual.

That’s because between mid-July and mid-August, sea temperatures in the Algarve were “the warmest they’ve been in the last 35 years”, according to Portugal’s Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA).

During this time period, seawater temperatures ranged between 22ºC and 26ºC in the Faro area.

IPMA explains that the warmer temperatures are related to the “wind and sea currents”.

“The increase of sea temperatures in the Algarve happens when easterly winds help transport warmer Mediterranean waters into the Atlantic Ocean,” the institute says, adding that this happened almost “uninterruptedly” in the second half of July and first half of August.

Further up north, however, the situation is completely different. Seawater temperatures have actually been cooler than usual with averages of 15ºC in the north and 19ºC in the centre.