Algarve doctor accused of profiteering from sick

ACCORDING TO a recent report by SIC television, a female doctor from the Hospital do Barlavento Algarvio (HBA) in Portimão has allegedly been exploiting recently deceased and terminally ill patients for her personal financial gain. It is alleged that the doctor requested medical exams to be undertaken at private clinics and, although the tests were never carried out, the invoices were still charged to the State.

According to the televised report, the doctor submitted requests to the hospital’s management for exams to be undertaken at private health units within the borough. These were for tests that could not be carried out at the hospital. According to the same report, patients were allegedly transported in an ambulance on a journey within Portimão and returned to the hospital, without ever leaving the ambulance or undertaking medical examinations.

The situation had earlier been detected by HBA’s board of administration due to an ongoing investigation into an alleged corruption scam that has apparently involved hospital staff and funeral agencies. This is part of a separate investigation that has already led to the detention of four people.

With regard to this specific case, the board of administration has put together a report concerning the doctor in question, which has been sent to the Inspecção-Geral de Saúde.