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Algarve Cup coverage

Dear Editor,

As a frequent visitor to the Algarve (eight long stay visits in 10 years), we were disappointed in the non-existent coverage of the ongoing Women’s Algarve Cup Football tournament held every March in the Algarve.

I read the online Algarve Resident whenever I get a chance, especially in those years we do not get a chance to visit your lovely country. Several years we have changed our plans just so we can stay near the venues that host the games.

Every time we come to Portugal we are welcomed by the hospitable and warm Portuguese people.


BY email

Editor’s note: Dear Judy, thank you for your email. I’m sorry you didn’t come across our reports of the Algarve Cup Football tournament as we were updating readers about the matches on a weekly basis. Try searching ‘Algarve Cup’ or ‘Mundialito’ on our website for the reports.