Algarve cuisine celebrated at Pêra’s 17th ‘Arraial do Petisco’

“Tasting the best dishes and sweets the Algarve has to offer” is the sales pitch used to promote the 17th ‘Arraial do Petisco’, the popular food festival held every year in Pêra.

The event’s first weekend (July 24-26) was a success with “hundreds” of meals served and organisers are expecting the next (July 31-August 2) to be even better.

The menu includes many staple Algarvean dishes, including ‘papas de milho’ (a Portuguese version of Italy’s cornmeal polenta), snails, ‘milhos com carne’ (corn and meat stew) and ‘pipis’ (giblets).

Every night has its own special dish, including ‘ensopado de borrego’ (lamb and potato stew with bread slices – served on Friday), ‘feijoada de chocos’ (cuttlefish stew – Saturday) and ‘cabidela de galinha’ (traditional chicken casserole – Sunday).

A variety of regional sweets will be on offer for those who love desserts, including the famous D. Rodrigo (egg-thread delicacies flavoured with cinnamon) and endless almond- and marzipan-based delights.

Musical entertainment is also guaranteed with performances by local artists and bands.

Tickets cost €1.50 for adults (children under 12 go free).

The festival is held at Pêra’s Centro Paroquial sports centre. Doors open at 8pm and close at 2am.