Algarve crime wave

Dear Editor,

I think you should investigate into it all more. Why don’t the police care? Who is giving us any protection? Why are they focusing on Loulé area?

Maybe there is a pattern. Are the houses so far in quiet streets, easy to get to, easy to enter?

We were today up in Sobradinho and spoke to a few locals. They told us that one house there has been robbed 15 times and, in the end, the owner left his house and returned to Germany. Do you imagine what he is telling everyone there about safe, friendly Portugal?

As you drive around, you see numbers on poles there. As with most country areas, no one has street names so now each house is a number. Easier for the police to find the right house. They said we should notify as many people including consulates because if the government doesn’t step in and help the police, it could snowball and Portugal will be blacklisted as a safe place to visit or live.  

Most of the houses in Sobradinho have ‘vende-se’ signs on them.

The police need professional help to use DNA samples to stop this horror. Looking forward to the night we can sit outside on our own terrace and not be scared of beatings, raping, burglary or even death.