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Algarve councils want CCTV cameras

FARO CÂMARA wants to install CCTV cameras in the main access roads to the city and along the central avenue, while Portimão waits for approval for the city’s CCTV plans and Loulé and Albufeira Câmaras study the implementation of the system.

These security measures were due to be discussed yesterday (Thursday) during a meeting at the civil government office in Faro attended by Câmara presidents and the secretary of state for internal administration, José Magalhães.

Faro Câmara representatives have met several times with the local PSP police to analyse the matter.

Luís Graça, Faro Câmara President’s spokesman, said that the Câmara is interested in installing security cameras along the roads which enter and exit the city as a traffic controlling method. These roads link Faro to Loulé, Olhão and São Brás de Alportel.

Faro Câmara also wants to introduce security cameras along the city’s main shopping street Rua de Santo António, to help prevent petty crimes.

Portimão Câmara is awaiting approval from the Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados (CNPD), the national commission for data protection, for its plans to implement the first CCTV system in the region, before the peak season begins.


The Câmara presented its initial application in June 2006, but some changes had to be made to the project, which was re-submitted in February 2007.

This project plans for the installation of 20 security cameras in Praia da Rocha, which will be extended to adding cameras within the city of Portimão later on.

Loulé Câmara President, Seruca Emídio, told Portuguese national daily newspaper Correio da Manhã that installing a CCTV system in Vilamoura marina would make sense, “given the importance of that area for the image of tourism in the Algarve”. As yet Loulé Câmara has not applied for the installation of a security camera system, however Seruca Emídio said: “It is necessary to do something to reinforce safety.”

Albufeira Câmara President, Desidério Silva, said that the possibility of installing a CCTV camera system in the main streets and along the busy Avenida Sá Carneiro could be discussed as a measure to improve safety.

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