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Algarve councils employ night security


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LOULÉ CÂMARA’S President, dissatisfied with the lack of security in the county, began the implementation of a night guard service yesterday (Thursday), to complement other measures in urban areas.

Seruca Emídio said: “This initiative will respond to the lack of vigilance and protection of people and property that has been seen recently.

“Successive governments have never shown a will to install a PSP police station in Loulé, despite a building having been prepared.”

The President of Loulé Câmara also said that the service is justified because of the need to make the many visitors and tourists who visit the area feel safe.

Helder Faísca, director of the municipal police department at Loulé Câmara, told The Resident: “Night guards must carry out training with the police authorities before being allowed to wear a uniform and carry a fire arm and truncheon. The three new guards in Loulé will start, successively, on January 10, February 1 and March 1.”

Loulé’s night guards, who patrol between midnight and 6am, have uniforms very similar to the PSP police but with the night guard logo and clearly identifiable patrol vehicles.

Although night guards can detain suspects, they cannot make formal arrests and will send for the local GNR when this is needed,” said Helder Faísca.

Patrol areas

Areas to be patrolled initially are considered to be very important in terms of security, being urban areas. Within the city of Loulé, the parish council of S. Sebastião and S. Clemente will benefit from the service.

In Quarteira, a night guard will patrol Quinta do Romão, Rua Vasco da Gama and the surrounding area, Praça do Mar, Marginal, Cavacos, S. Pedro do Mar and around the Dona Francisca de Aragão school.

Vale Formoso, Avenidas 5 de Outubro and Eng.

Duarte Pacheco, Jardim das Comunidades and Rua da Républica will be the areas patrolled in Almancil.

Portimão Câmara also has a night guard service currently in operation which patrols parts of the city. A spokesman for Portimão Câmara told The Resident: “Portimão does have night guards distributed in several areas and has had this service for several years.” At the time of going to press, no-one was available to say when this service started or how many guards are currently employed by the Câmara. Spokesmen from other Câmaras contacted by The Resident, including Silves, Lagos and Albufeira said that they do not have the night security guard service but have not dismissed the idea for the future.

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