Algarve conference to debate Amazon crisis

“Amazon Deforestation. Problems and Solutions. Is there hope of saving the forest?” – this is the subject of a talk by François Luís Blanc on Monday, September 9 in Tavira Library and on Tuesday, September 10 in Lagoa Library, both commencing at 6pm.

The presentation will aim to discuss ways of saving the ecosystems’ sustainability in the face of the threats against biodiversity such as monocultures, intensive agriculture with agrotoxic substances, transgenic seeds and biopiratery.

“Since the Bolsonaro election, Amazonian deforestation increased by 258%(satellites survey). Several measures have been considered in the Amazon. For the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol, governments established a fund to deliver the billions needed for the developing world to deal with climate change and stop deforestation. But they didn’t establish any way of providing that money,” explained Lynne Booker from Algarve History Association, organisers of the event.

They established mechanisms that will protect tropical forests while safeguarding indigenous peoples’ rights and biodiversity, in particular The REDDagreement, but do these measures work?

The purpose of this conference is to analyse them and evaluate their efficacy.

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