Algarve company to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes in Castro Marim

Algarve-based company Cannprisma has revealed that it has received the green light from authorities to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes on a 10-hectare plot of land in Castro Marim.

Authorisation was given by PSP police and national medicines authority Infarmed.

The farming unit features 3000sqm of greenhouses and support infrastructure with “state-of-the-art technology”.

The company’s factory is located in Vila Real de Santo António and complies with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

“The pandemic delayed the process of obtaining a definitive licence, which has now been completed with a successful in-person inspection carried out by Infarmed,” the company says.

The licensing process was also inspected by PSP police, which made sure that all safety rules were respected.

According to Cannprisma, the company wants to be involved in the whole chain of business, from growing the plants to cultivating, drying and packing them.

It adds that Portugal has “the best strategic conditions” to become a producer of medical cannabis, thanks to its “climate, location, human resources, knowledge, policies and legislation”.

“The thoroughness, quality, safety and clarity demanded by licensing authorities contributes to making Portugal the best option for the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis-based products for the whole world,” the company says.

Cannprisma describes itself as a “premium medical grade cannabis company” and the first with “100% Portuguese capital to dedicate itself to the cultivation and transformation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

“We want all of our cannabis extracts and products to be of superior quality and subject to GMP (good manufacturing practices) certification in order to guarantee all our patients, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, governments and researchers maximum credibility and confidence.”

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