Algarve company launches device that it claims “kills Covid-19”

Algarve-based company ASPA-UVC has launched a new handheld device called the ‘ASPA Surface Purifier’ which it says eradicates “Covid-19 and 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses” from surfaces.

The device is described as a “world-class product which uses UV-C light to help defeat Covid-19” and can be used in offices, businesses, and homes.

The company started creating the device during Portugal’s first lockdown in March.

“We looked at ways we could remain productive during the pandemic,” ASPA International CEO and founder Martin Goldmann told the Resident.

He added: “We thought about how we could help the hospitality industry return to normal and provide safe environments”.

According to the company, the ‘Surface Purifier’ is “fast, efficient and easy to use,” taking only six seconds.

It is also described as “attractive, lightweight and functional” and provides “peace of mind” as businesses know that “bacteria cannot transfer from customer to customer between visits”.

ASPA-UVC adds that the device replaces the need to “engage specialist deep cleaning companies”.

Also guaranteed is “no mess, no handling of chemicals, no mixing solutions and no dangerous waste to dispose of”.

The ‘Surface Purifier’ comes with safety instructions, gloves and a face shield and can be purchased online at

ASPA International (ASPA UVC’s parent company) has been in the business of designing and building “superior quality spas for the resort-luxury-boutique hotel, health and wellness sectors” for over 30 years.

“Renowned names such as Accor, Sheraton, Sana Hotels, Movenpick, Longevity Wellness Hotel & Spa, JW Marriot, W Hotels and Hilton all have Spas designed and built by ASPA International,” it says.

“The use of UV-C light has been an essential part of the design and build of a spa due to its efficiency in killing bacteria in wet and dry areas with high human footfall. UV-C light has scientific research supporting it that testifies to eliminating 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses,” the company adds.

Says its CEO: “We believe the future will be all homes, public spaces, offices, trains, busses, aircraft and factories will have some form of UV-C disinfection”.

Meanwhile, ASPA International is busy producing a larger 40W model which will be available in early 2021. In fact, the company is planning to launch four new products in the next three months.