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Algarve come and live here …

Dear Editor, I have read your article (May 11 issue) and although I agree with most of it, I think more research needs to be done and information passed on to “future residents”.

I’m Portuguese, born in Madeira, but I emigrated to London 20 years ago. I have always wanted to return to Portugal (Algarve) but the time never seemed right. I now have two children eight and 10 years old, who love the idea of living in Portugal – but it’s easier said than done.

Jobs are needed to secure a future whilst living the dream!  And that is what Portugal does not have to offer.  

For the last six years in a row, we have gone to the Algarve for our summer holidays, three weeks at a time, and whilst there I kept my eyes open for jobs, talked to people, and last year made an appointment to visit a head teacher in an international school to discuss vacancies as I had been in touch beforehand and emailed my cv, but … to no avail.  

There are no jobs!  Now, we have enough money to buy a property but would need a very small mortgage (depending on what we buy) but unless we have a job, a permanent job, we simply cannot make the move.  

So, as inspiring as your article is, and as much as I love to holiday in Portugal, the bit that is missing is … how do you sustain your new life?

I for one would be extremely grateful to find out how one finds a job. The internet is of very little use and if this was/is possible then I would move to the Algarve tomorrow!

Susana Wakenell, By email