Algarve ‘citizens firefighting group’ hosts prevention seminar in Monchique

AAIF stands for “Associção Alerta de Incéndio Florestal”- the doughty group of Algarve residents that tracked and followed fires last year, going to extraordinary efforts to give support and much-needed refreshments to the region’s embattled firefighters.

Now, in preparation for the looming “fire season”, AAIF is hosting a fire prevention seminar at MacDonalds Resort and Health Spa (formerly Longevity Wellness Resort), in Caldas de Monchique.

Entry is open to all, but space is limited, thus anyone keen to take part should email [email protected], or get in touch via the group’s Alerta de Incéndio Florestal Facebook page.

Admission is by donation, which will be shared by Algarve’s firefighters and AAIF itself.

Questions to be answered, include: “Ever wondered how and who coordinates the fires?”
“Do you have questions regarding land clearing?”
“Do you know how to call the emergency services?”
And possibly most important of all “Want to help?”

The event will also serve to introduce locals to the “real heroes that preserve our beautiful countryside and homes” – Algarve firefighters themselves.

The seminar opens on Friday April 21 at 7pm, and is scheduled to run until 9pm.

STOP PRESS: Due to an unforseen illness, the event has had to be temporarily cancelled. Anyone interested should still get in touch with AAIF, as it hopes to reschedule before the summer gets underway.

[email protected]