Algarve Central Hospital to go ahead

HEALTH MINISTER Correia de Campos affirmed recently in Faro that he has no doubts of the importance and necessity of a Central Hospital in the Algarve.

The minister was in Faro on an official visit and concluded the day in a meeting with businessmen from the region, which took place at the Algarve School of Tourism and Hotel Industry and was held specifically to discuss the question of the new Central Hospital.

The minister explained that, in his view, the construction of a Central Hospital in the Algarve was necessary not just for tourism, but also for the benefit of the entire region. He said that the hospital would be constructed and fitted out to benefit the whole region, and that detailed studies would now be made to identify exactly what those needs were in terms of beds, equipment and specialisations.

The new hospital is predicted to have 320 beds, a figure which some have already criticised as inadequate – Faro has 500 beds. The minister gave no indication as to when work on the new hospital would begin.