Algarve Care Services for your peace of mind

If you live in the Algarve or are just visiting on holiday, something we all have in common is, we get to enjoy the warmth that the climate has to offer. Now, something else you can enjoy is the peace of mind that, should you require a little more help in your home or accommodation whilst you are here, Algarve Care Services can provide.

Proudly operating as the Algarve’s leading private home care service, they can assist you with all your care requirements, from just a few hours’ companionship or help with your shopping, to 24/7 nursing care in the privacy of your home.

And in 2019, Algarve Care Services launched their Live-in Care at Home service, an alternative to moving into a residential care home, with packages that are also suitable for those who have more complex care requirements and need full-time support

Speaking passionately about their new initiative, Kelly Harper, founder of Algarve Care Services, said: “Why should people have to suffer or go home once they reach that point where they need that little bit of extra help? Our service can take that burden away and offer worried family members that are not around the reassurance that they need.”

Kelly, who has built up the business on a reputation of providing excellent care across the Algarve, added: “Live-in Care at Home allows people to maintain life in a familiar environment and, at the same time, gain a new friend. Someone you can get to know and trust, who is always at hand to provide the support needed, but that knows not to interfere when you want to do things individually.”

With the Algarve continuously ranking across the world as one of the favourite spots to visit, we’re seeing a huge increase in the diverse range of people who want to come here. In addition to the services mentioned, Algarve Care Services provide holiday-support packages that offer bespoke care in your accommodation, and they can also help you find the right accommodation to suit your needs before you book.

Supported by a team of experienced carers and nurses, fluent in several languages, Algarve Care Services is delighted to open their new office at Rua Nossa Senhora da Guia, next to the charity shop in Guia, and welcome anyone who would like more information or a friendly chat about their requirements.

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