Algarve business networking expands

A meeting held in Albufeira has inaugurated the creation of an additional Business Networking International (BNI) group called ‘Crescimento,’ meaning growth.

The new innovative group was launched on June 20 at the Hotel Grande Real Santa Eulália in Albufeira, as a new project aiming to improve business networking in the area and strengthen business trading and partnerships for local entrepreneurs and workers.

Now with 19 active members the Crescimento group met for a breakfast seminar at 6.45am.

Among them were the executive directors of BNI South (Algarve and Alentejo) and the Mayor of Albufeira, Desidério Silva.

The BNI structure is the largest and most successful business referral network in the world, consisting of more than 6000 groups and 150,000 members.

In Portugal there are currently 32 active groups with a total of 804 members, who together in 2011 closed deals calculated to be  over 20 million euros.

The professional organisation has a main objective, which is to enable business people to meet regularly, exchange contacts and references, as well as establish trade relationships, all without the gain of commission.

At the launch, the director of BNI South, Orlando Caixeirinho, said: “Commissions at BNI are absolutely prohibited, the only key here is business. Networking is not selling, the point it to create links and connections that allow us to do business in the future.”

All BNI groups are governed by three basic principles, which place emphasis on ethics, credibility and dedication.

After congratulating the organisation, Desidério Silva, said that: “the creation of the BNI in Albufeira is a valuable aspect for the area, since it encourages the relationship of integrity and respect among commercial agents, which in the current economical crisis, is a positive way to bring sustainability to the companies.”