Algarve Business Makes World First

When it was first launched, home automation or domotics to use its correct name, was initially seen as a fad. Prices for complicated and overly expensive systems coupled with sky high maintenance charges, ensured that main-stream property owners could neither understand, work or afford the system, until now that is.

Projection Dreams based in Almancil have been working with BitWise controllers and Leviton for a number of years as a cost-effective and easy to use solution for certain custom home cinema installations in both the Algarve and further afield. Recently however, Custom Install Manager, Alistair Bourne managed to integrate and control, through the system, all of the lighting and shutter operations by marrying wireless to wired systems without the need for time consuming retrofitting and costly re-wiring of a client’s systems. Now, the client can control all of the elements of their high-end villa including CCTV, lighting, shutters, gate opening as well as their audio-visual experience, at the fraction of a cost of a traditional domotics system, through one of the 12 iPads in the property.

Leviton, have even published Projection Dreams report on their website, for other installers who use the products, to see what can be done with perseverance and ability.

This goes to show, that the Algarve is more than just a beach. There are some exciting and interesting developments happening in the region.

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