Algarve burglaries

Dear Editor

We were burgled whilst we slept in our apartment in Vilamoura in October – extremely distressing. Twenty robberies that we know of have taken place on our condominium since September and are still happening. We know of many more cases in our area, everyone is frightened and emotionally drained.

The GNR have been very sympathetic, they have caught the young man and his brother who are committing the crimes four times and taken them to court but each time the judge has let them go. They started to break into properties on the same night as being released! 

We urge you to put pressure on the courts and government to ensure that these heartless criminals are put in jail. They are not only causing much distress but costing the insurance companies a fortune with all the claims. The GNR are also beginning to get demoralised with not having the backing of the courts! 

These crimes will start to deter visitors from coming to the Algarve.

M and M Los Arcos, Vilamoura

Dear Editor,

We have had four attempted break-ins. My daughter’s scooter was stolen from within our grounds, even though the property is locked and fenced. Plus we had our house entered and televisions stolen, some electrical goods and a brand new large compressor. When you complain to the police they do nothing.

Our neighbour was broken into, collections of coins stolen, cheque books etc. The police did nothing. My friend even phoned repeatedly to ask them to come and take fingerprints, which they left so long it was impossible to get an accurate result.

I have been here 20 years and I feel we, as tax paying, income bringing residents, are left at times of trouble by a totally disinterested police force, who cares more about fines and catching motorists than protecting those who came to this country out of choice.

Name and address withheld for fear of retribution

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