Algarve Box Cup brings over 100 boxers to Lagoa

Algarve Box Cup brings over 100 boxers to Lagoa

Algarve Box Cup brings over 100 boxers to Lagoa

Lagoa is preparing to host the 2023 edition of the Algarve Box Cup, an international boxing competition for male and female boxers.

The event will take place between December 8-10 at the Jacinto Correia sports pavilion from 10am to 6pm and will feature over 100 boxers from 14 countries, including the national teams of Norway, Italy, Cape Verde and Switzerland.

According to the Algarve Boxing Association, the event is “exclusive to elite athletes” and offer a total prize money of €10,000.

Sandra Silva, who heads the event’s organising committee, says that “the last edition of the Algarve Box Cup received such positive feedback that it made this event one of the most attractive international tournaments in Europe.

“We are very excited because we know that the Algarve Box Cup 2023 will be an unforgettable spectacle for all participants and boxing and sports enthusiasts. Lagoa is an incredible host town, as in addition to its natural beauty, we have the involvement of the entire community in the organisation and promotion of this tournament,” Silva said.

The event is also part of the municipal sports development strategy, entitled ‘Lagoa Acolhe Grandes Eventos’ (Lagoa Hosts Great Events), which aims to bolster the economy by hosting sports events and promoting sports as a means to a healthy lifestyle.

Tickets for the Algarve Box Cup can be purchased at the venue, with daily tickets costing €5 per person and €10 for a three-day pass.

By Michael Bruxo

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