Algarve bone marrow donor appeal

A nationwide appeal for bone marrow donors to help a Portuguese footballer’s son who suffers from Leukaemia has been making the headlines in Portugal.

Three-year-old Gustavo, the son of Benfica player Carlos Martins, who is now playing for Granada in Spain, is in need of a bone marrow transplant that could save his life and compatible donors are being sought.

Now, the Tavira branch of the Portuguese Red Cross is asking for people aged between 18 and 45, who are interested in donating, to contact them with the following details: name, age, location, weight, email, telephone number, and information about whether the person has received a blood transfusion since 1980 and/or suffers from chronic illnesses.

When 150 registrations are made, a donor collection day will be announced.

Email [email protected] or call 968 942 563.