Algarve Boat Festival back with top DJs

Lagos’s Algarve Boat Festival is back on the 27th of August for another party on the sea. The concept, which sees artists perform on a stage-boat while festival-goers join on their own or rented vessel, was created by SeaBookings, the Algarve startup dedicated to maritime tourism, with the support of the Lagos municipality.

The concept was created in 2020, during the pandemic, when SeaBookings organised a festival featuring a stage surrounded by several individual dance floors, making it possible to guarantee a unique and safe event in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Following the success of its three previous editions, which brought together hundreds of people on dozens of boats, the organization pulled out all the stops to return with a star-studded lineup. This year, renowned Portuguese dance music acts DJ VIBE and Rui Vargas will perform for their seafaring public for three hours off the coast of Lagos, opposite Dona Ana beach.

The “bring your own boat” event also offers limited places on shared boats that double up as dance floors. The “Early Bird” tickets sold out in a few hours, but there are still options, with tickets on shared or private boats, catamarans, and traditional sailboats.

The show is scheduled to last from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm, starting with a “Festival Parade” along the coast, from the Lagos pier to Praia Dona Ana, where the boats will drop anchor. Tickets can be purchased online, through the festival’s website or email, or from official partners.

By Alexandra Stilwell