Algarve authorities assess cliff instability

Risks assessed every year to protect population and ensure boating safety

A coastal risk assessment, involving the popular cliff caves, was carried out on Wednesday (April 20) as part of an annual study of the coastline that falls under the jurisdiction of the Portimão Port Captaincy.

The initiative was carried out by the Portuguese Environmental Agency through its regional entity ARH Algarve along with the Portimão Port Captaincy and the Municipal Civil Protection Services of Lagoa and Silves.

“The assessment and monitoring works aim to survey the geological state of coastal caves and cliffs in order to identify fractures or anomalies that pose a risk to the population,” said the Portimão Port Captaincy in a statement.

The assessment is carried out every year after the winter, which is when weather conditions such as rain and rough seas have their strongest impact on the coastline. This was the second consecutive year in which caves were also inspected.

Portimão Port Captaincy covers the coastline between the western bank of the Alvor estuary breakwater all the way to the Quarteira stream.

By Michael Bruxo
[email protected]