Algarve and Andalucia’s

A STRATEGIC business partnership, entitled Project ALVA, has just been announced between the Associação de Comércio e Serviços da Região do Algarve (ACRAL), the business and services association of the Algarve, and its Spanish counterpart in the neighbouring region of Andalucia – the Asociación Provincial de Empresários de Comercio de Huelva de Espanha (ASEMCO), the provincial association for business owners of Huelva, Spain. The official European project is being led by ACRAL and

aims to promote the integrated development between the neighbouring regions of Algarve and Andalucia. Those areas included in the project include the concelhos (boroughs) of Faro and Vila Real de Santo António and the municipalities of Huelva and Ayamonte.

Among the initiatives planned to take place over the next six months is the publishing of a business guide that will combine information about the commercial establishments of all four cities, as well as cultural information for tourists.

Faro will install a giant digital screen for displaying promotional information and news of interest to the general public. New signage will be placed in Vila Real de Santo António’s commercial area, to allow better navigation for visitors – taking some ideas from the successful system that has already been developed in Ayamonte.

An important business fair, called ‘Guadimar’, will be staged in Vila Real de Santo António between July 15 and 24, which aims to provide a meeting point for the exposure of the business activities of the Sotavento Algarve and the province of Huelva.

The final initiative included in Project ALVA is a fashion show in Huelva, which will consist of a presentation of clothing from designers of the Algarve and Andalucia, in a bid to exchange awareness and enlarge the markets.