Algarve and Alentejo on red fire alert: even “BBQ’s off limits” 

In a country beset by new rules on how we must all behave, this weekend sees yet another instruction for populations in the south: “No BBQ’s, no grilled sardines”.

Minister for Interior Administration Eduardo Cabrita sent out the order as an elevated fire risk has already been in place for days.

Fourteen districts north of the Tejo are under continuing orange alert – with the red alert now being sounded for the Algarve and Lower Alentejo – till at least midnight on Sunday.

Mr Cabrita said because of the continuing hot, dry weather, there could be no hunting on Sunday or any other sporting activities in forest areas.

It was here that he stressed people “must avoid risky behaviour with the negligent use of fire. It’s not possible for BBQs or grilled sardines over the coming days…” he said. 

Firefighters and Civil Protection services will all be on heightened alert.

“We are living through a particularly demanding period this summer regarding the risk of forest fires”, said the minister. “We had a very difficult July, a very difficult first fortnight in August and these early days of September have been very demanding for the whole Civil Protection system”.

As with all other heightened fire alerts, any kind of working in open space with machinery likely to give off sparks, any land burning/ bonfires, parties using fireworks are all strictly prohibited.