Algarve ambassadress Boa Esperança shows how (not) to make a splash

Trailblazing for tourism in Spain, the Algarve’s pride and joy replica caravel the Boa Esperança has shown Vigo how (not) to make a splash.

Arriving in cloudy but nonetheless balmy conditions, the idea was to moor along the quayside and alight for dinner.

But instead, a sudden engine problem saw the vessel plough headlong into a pedestrian bridge, sending it clattering down into the watery depths.

Local paper Faro de Vigo has reported that the bridge has since been retrieved with the help of a crane, and will soon be back in position, while the caravel appears to have suffered nothing more than damage to her reputation as the Algarve’s timeless ambassadress.

Certainly, regional tourism boss Desidério Silva has glossed over the embarrassment, telling Sulinformação that it was “just an incident and there weren’t any problems. Everything was resolved”. But for those who would enjoy a weekend giggle at the Algarve at its promotional best, ports authorities uploaded a hilarioius clip on Youtube: