Algarve 365 – another Allgarve?

Dear Editor,

Though I appreciate the attempt to pull more visitors to the Algarve during the winter, I believe the Algarve 365 programme is going to fall short of its goal.

Why? Because none of the events included in the programme are truly big enough to attract a substantial number of people to the Algarve. At least, this is my view.

For the programme to truly work, it would have to feature major events, such as international sports competitions (for example, an F1 race, as has been suggested before) or a music festival with famous artists. But, let’s be honest, where is the money for this?

Plus, if you visit the Algarve 365 Facebook page, the posts are all in Portuguese! Are they planning to attract just Portuguese-speaking visitors?

Its predecessor, Allgarve, was a failure. Let’s give Algarve 365 the benefit of the doubt…

Jonathan W.
By email