Alfama traders could receive contribution from câmara

LISBON CÂMARA vice president, Carmona Rodrigues, visited the Largo de São Miguel in Alfama following its 23 million euro facelift.

Accompanied by Public Space Council Officer, António Monteiro, and President of São Miguel Parish Council, Ana Maria Conçalves, Carmona saw for himself the improvement works to the district that commenced in April.

The work carried out has been aimed at mainly improving the environment for pedestrians, by making one of Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhoods off limits to traffic and parking, while relaying the famous Portuguese paving stones known as ‘calçada’.

When he chatted with local people and traders during his walkabout in Alfama, he put forward a proposition, to be debated at the next session of the Câmara, of suspending business taxes in June to help out some recession-hit traders.

“This measure shouldn’t be seen as a bonus, but as our contribution to minimise the impact of trade lost through the restoration work that has been carried out,” he said.

Carmona Rodrigues also visited the Church of São Miguel and the Largo de São Rafael as well as the Convento de Salvador.