Alexandria Coe at Morgado do Quintão for another artist residency

From February 4 to 18, London-based artist Alexandria Coe will participate in another of Morgado do Quintão’s artist residencies, as well as hold a public drawing and wine workshop on the 18th.

Morgado do Quintão’s connection to art is not new and began with the former owner, Teresa Caldas de Vasconcellos, a Portuguese visual artist, university professor and Master of Fine Arts who, from an early age, created this synergy between the vineyards and her artistic vein.

Her children, Filipe and Teresa, insist on maintaining this connection, opening the doors to several artists so that, there, they can find a place for artistic creation, be it painting, sculpture, photography or music.

The artistic residencies at Morgado do Quintão in Lagoa reinforce the wine producer’s desire to contribute to the cultural offer of the Algarve. Some names that have passed through Morgado do Quintão include Cláudio Garrudo, Rui Horta Pereira and Tomás Cunha Ferreira.

This time, Morgado do Quintão welcomes Alexandria Coe, a London-based painter who attended Chelsea College of Arts, before completing her Masters at Central Saint Martins. Having already collaborated with the likes of Soho House, with Net-a-Porter, Penguin and Hermes, she adopts skills from her studies in textile design and illustration, focusing on a simplified drawing practice as a root to connecting with an authentic relationship with the body.

The intention of the residency also involves the creation of a piece of land art that will have an intervention by the artist.

In the context of this residency, on February 18, the artist will also hold a drawing and wine workshop open to the public, with the participation of some visual arts students from the region, followed by an Algarvian lunch in the shade of the famous millenary olive tree of Morgado do Quintão.

The aim of this session is “to relax and find a positive way to look at the human body”, with no previous experience required. The class revolves around studying the naked figure and learning how to explore the body with a simple approach and a minimalistic style of drawing. Combining a holistic approach to creativity with a traditional subject, the drawing practice will become almost like a meditation.

Places are limited. Bookings at:

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