Alexandra is still missing

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Police are still investigating the disappearance of an 18-month old child who went missing after her mother was allegedly drowned by her lover at Canavial beach in Lagos on July 10.

The couple, German man Gunnar Dorries and Angolan woman Georgina Zito, and the child, named Alexandra, had been

staying at the Hotel Vila Galé in Meia Praia while on holiday in the region.

Both Portuguese and German police investigating the case believe that he killed the child after killing his girlfriend on the beach.

Georgina Zito, who was married to an Angolan man, M. K. Zito, had allegedly threatened to tell Dorries’ girlfriend that he had an illegitimate daughter with her.


Frightened by the scandal it would cause if it became known that he had had a double life for more than three years, police believe he planned the killings  prior to going on holiday.

New data released by German police reveals that beachgoers at the time of the crime saw the couple in the water and thought they were playing, but then they realised that he was pushing the woman brutally under the water until she died. After leaving the victim dead, Gunnar Dorries took the child and headed to the car.

According to the people on the beach, he said that he was getting some medicine for his girlfriend, but he never came back.

Although the child is still missing, the PJ police have said they will not conduct any more searches in the area between the beach and the hotel as it has already been examined without any success.

According to the police, the

investigation will now proceed with “surgical and precise research operations”.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Alexandra is asked to contact the PJ Police on 282 405 400.