Alentejo boroughs on drought alert as boreholes and dams run dry

Two Alentejo boroughs are in critical situations due to this summer’s raging temperatures. Bore holes and dams are running dry, and the outlook for livestock is precarious.

In a bid to help populations still not served by mains water, the mayors of Mértola and Almodóvar are enlisted firemen to supply tanks, and resorting to artesian wells (water sources that make use of aquifers so that pumping is not required).

The problem is that aquifers too are running dry.

So far only a handful of villages are affected, but more are starting to suffer, and the worry is that animals will have to start going without.

“There are already two pig farms in serious danger of running out of water”, Mértola’s mayor Jorge Rosa has explained – outlining the pressure for the government to declare a state of emergency or calamity (which would release vital funds to pay for water to be supplied from elsewhere).

For now, the boroughs’ meeting with the government is still unconfirmed as temperatures are set to hit 40º and more for at least another few days.