Alcoutim sticks with tax benefits to “boost population”

Alcoutim, one of the municipalities with the lowest and oldest population in Portugal, has announced it will continue offering a number of tax benefits in order to “attract and settle more families” in the borough.

One of the new benefits will be the reduction of IMI (rates) tax for families with one child (-10%), two children (-15%) and three children (-20%).

Alcoutim will also continue not charging the 5% income tax (IRS) it is entitled to, and will only demand the minimum values of IMI.

The measures will be approved by the municipal assembly next Friday, September 25.

Mayor Osvaldo dos Santos Gonçalves says it is yet another “positive set of measures” implemented by the council, which alongside the municipal birthrate support programme, could “attract and settle residents and lead to a population boost”.

Last year, the local council announced it was offering expectant mums €5,000 for every baby born in the municipality. (click here)

Taking in a part of Portugal’s refugee quota, if “well planned”, could be another way of increasing the secluded municipality’s population, Gonçalves told Rádio Renascença at the beginning of the month.

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