Alcoutim: Brit stabbed to death after allegedly “picking up Portuguese youth for casual sex”

British media has reported that the fatal stabbing of a 55-year-old English man in Alcoutim – whose body was found in his home this (Tuesday) morning after several days missing – happened after he invited a young man back to his home for “casual sex”.

Newspapers such as the Mirror and the Express say the British man had lived for several years in a remote cottage in Pereiro, Alcoutim but is thought to have “travelled regularly to Faro to meet young men he took back home with him”.

His latest outing saw him meet a 20-year-old Portuguese man, who he apparently took home “three days ago”. The Brit had not been seen since then.

The young Portuguese confessed the crime after he was arrested by PSP police this (Tuesday) morning while driving the victim’s car without a licence.

“He said that he had had a fight with the car’s owner, and that he had killed him,” a PSP police source told the Resident.

GNR police were dispatched and found the man dead in his house, apparently with stab wounds to his chest, stomach and ribs.

The attacker’s motives are still unclear.

PSP suspect the two men met and had been out drinking on the night of the crime in Faro, and that the young man killed the Brit after they both travelled back to his home in Alcoutim.

There is conflicting information about the weapon used to kill the man, with some suggesting a knife while others say it was a spear.

The investigation has been passed on to PJ criminal police.

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