Alcoutim boss murderer gets 13-year jail term

João Brás, the 53-year-old who shot his long-time boss in the head, killing him outright last year in Alcoutim, has been sentenced to 13 years and six months in prison.

The announcement was made on Tuesday (March 8) by Faro’s Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The brutal shotgun killing shocked Alcoutim last April, as the men worked together for “more than 10 years”, were said to be friends and apparently got along fine.

According to media reports, the murder was motivated by a “work-related problem”.

After shooting 48-year-old Fernando Pereira in Monte Farelos hunting reserve on April 22, 2015, Brás reportedly went home, had a shower and called the man’s daughters “to ask for their forgiveness”.

He then waited for police to arrive at his home in the village of Pereiro to arrest him.

The victim was described as “one of the largest employers of Alcoutim” and considered an “exemplary boss” by some of his other employees.

The official investigation was led by Vila Real de Santo António’s Public Prosecutor’s Office and Faro’s DIAP (department of penal investigation).

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