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Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre expands services

CELEBRATING THREE years’ success in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse, with a recovery rate of over 70 per cent, Serenity House Recovery Centre in Andalucia, southern Spain, is expanding its services by opening its doors to individuals and their families based in Portugal suffering from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

Serenity House Recovery Centre, founded by a recovered alcoholic with many years of sobriety, offers clients an affordable rehabilitation programme, which is the most complete and comprehensive 12 Step Programmes available in Spain and Portugal.

The programme, designed by a veteran of 47 years sobriety, is responsible for treating over 50,000 men and women and is the most successful system worldwide.

With a caring and supportive environment, coupled with an innovative holistic approach and proven 12 Step Programme of treatment for the disease of addiction, the centre enables the client to stay away from drinking or drug taking “a day at a time” for the rest of their life.

Set in the peace and tranquillity of Andalucia, within travelling distance of the Spanish/Portuguese border, the centre was specifically chosen to give clients the ability to start their recovery away from population centres and the distractions of everyday life.

If you are concerned about any member of your family, whom you believe is a victim of alcohol or drug abuse, please call Anthony for a confidential chat on (0034) 956 127 371.