Alcantarilha welcomes Tesla’s first supercharging station in Algarve

Tesla has launched its first supercharging station in the Algarve.

Located within the Amendoeira resort at Morgado da Lameira in Alcantarilha, the station has eight superchargers that can be used to power the brand’s Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars, as well as the new CCS Combo.

The supercharging stations can fully charge a Tesla vehicle in less than an hour unlike traditional charging stations, where the procedure can last several hours. The chargers can provide up to 145kW of power and soon up to 250kW.

This is the company’s sixth supercharging station in Portugal. The others are located in Álcacer do Sal, Montemor-o-Novo, Fátima, Guarda and Vila Real.

As Observador newspaper points out, Tesla is the only electric car brand that owns its own network of private charging stations.

Apart from these supercharging stations, Tesla owns a growing number of low-voltage level 2 charging stations, known as Destination Charging, in locations such as hotels, shopping centres, restaurants and gyms.

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