Alcalar murder update: British man arrested as autopsy reveals new horrors

Alcalar murder update: British man arrested as autopsy reveals new horrors

The British woman whose severely decomposed body was found buried under a concrete slab in her Alcalar garden on Tuesday had suffered “various blows to her neck with a cutting object”, it was revealed this morning.

As 72-year-old Brenda Davidson’s partner Nigel Jackson, 59, has been charged with aggravated murder and is due to appear before Portimão court later today, a number of new horrors have hit the headlines.

Not only was the dead woman apparently “tightly controlled” by Jackson who is said to have rarely let her out of the house, she is understood to have told close friends that he “mistreated” her, “punched her” and had a bad temper.

Portuguese neighbour Júlia Freitas, described in the Portuguese press as one of the few friends with whom Brenda Davidson was allowed to socialise, told reporters how Jackson “did not want his partner to talk with other people”.

Carrying an exclusive on the macabre story this morning, Correio da Manhã claims Davidson’s body was found with her neck severely mutilated.

The double-page spread’s headline ran: “Throat cut before being buried in garden”.

The story went on to describe how Jackson appears to have moved a 40-year-old Portuguese woman into the house after telling neighbours his partner had returned to the UK for medical reasons.

The woman has since been questioned by police, the paper added.

As forensic tests were ongoing to determine the exact place and timing of Davidson’s death, CM described how the mother-of-four’s body was found “in decomposition” and “wrapped in plastic and a kind of canvas”.

It was found after police operatives using pneumatic drills broke through a “kind of brick and cement base” that CM claims had been purposely constructed to conceal it.

The base was made to look like the “continuation of the walkway” beside the property’s pool, said the paper.

As we reported yesterday, it was Jackson who led police to the site where his former partner’s body was found, apparently claiming he had buried her after she committed suicide.

But the story he had been giving neighbours was very different. Talking to RTP yesterday, one of Jackson’s golfing partners Cid Williams said he had not seen Brenda for a couple of months, and that Jackson had “told everyone” that she went to England for “medical reasons”.

Explaining that locals rarely saw the couple together, Williams said: “I think the relationship was all right, but of course we don’t know” as Brenda “stayed in the house and never came down”.

It was one of Brenda’s children who initially raised the alarm that led to police investigating.

But yesterday, the dead woman’s twin daughters Debi Davidson and Drynda Powell, 46, as well as sons Daryl, 47 and Dean, 48, were reported to be unwilling to make any comments.

As for Jackson’s background, he is described as a former taxi driver who did odd-jobs for other expats in the area.

According to CM, he had previously worked for a drainage company in Portimão.

His passion for golf – a number of golf balls were apparently in evidence in the garden – took him frequently to Portimão’s Morgado do Reguengo golf course.

By Natasha Donn [email protected]