The Indian Sizzler team

Albufeira’s The Indian Sizzler serves Saturday take-away lunches – for free!

In a bid to “give something back to the community”, The Indian Sizzler restaurant in Albufeira served 150 free take-away lunches last Saturday and will be doing so again this Saturday (November 28) between 11am and 12.30pm.

“It is our wish to spread some warm cheer,” the restaurant announced on its Facebook page last week.

The Indian Sizzler is normally only open for dinner from 6pm and has never opened for lunch. But due to the lunchtime curfew that was in place in Albufeira last weekend, the restaurant made an exception.

The plan was to serve at least 100 take-away vegetarian lunches for free, but, due to demand, around 150 lunches – full meals with a drink, salad and dessert – were served.

“I want to do something to keep spirits high and give something back to this community,” The Indian Sizzler owner Jay told the Resident.

As she pointed out, there is no catch: “All you have to do is turn up and collect your delicious lunch.”

The Indian Sizzler is located at Bellavista Comercial, just above McDonalds.