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Albufeira’s health care falls short

Due to several problems affecting health services in Albufeira, Mayor Desidério Silva is to discuss the issue with the Secretary of State for Health, Fernando Leal da Costa.

Stressing the importance of ensuring there is adequate health care available to residents and tourists alike, he said: “It is essential that we provide visitors with the best health care, particularly if we want to attract the retired market as a way of combating seasonality in the council.”

The shortage of nurses in the county, the need to ensure the continuation of the emergencial vehicle (VMER) services in the council and the lack of doctors to provide good health assistance to the council’s population during the high season were some the issues highlighted by Desidério Silva.

The Mayor suggested that the Ministry of Health build a new health unit in the city to provide emergency services and even made a 9,000sqm plot of land, next to the current Health Centre, available for its construction.

“The project would enhance the quality of health care in the council,” he said.