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Albufeira working hard to attract winter visitors

As tourism in the Algarve continues to decline, the municipality of Albufeira has decided to broaden the range of markets it promotes itself to.

The European market that the Algarve focuses promotion to in particular includes Spain, the UK, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the central and northern regions of Portugal, where tourists are encouraged to take holiday trips to the Algarve.

However, due to recent developments, the municipality of Albufeira feels now is the time to branch out and advertise to new targets including the Canadian and Scandinavian markets.

Advertising campaigns have now been approved with the cooperation of the Albufeira Câmara, APAL (the promotional agency of Albufeira) and the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA) in order to move forward and begin promotion to the two new markets.

Given the poor weather conditions in these two destinations, they have been chosen with hopes of generating a higher tourism rate throughout the low season, as winter in the Algarve presents a substantially milder climate in comparison.

APAL and ATA believe that it is also important that coordinated efforts are made between all entities involved in the tourism system, in order to create the necessary conditions for improved accessibility to the Algarve.

As there are currently no direct flights during the low season into Faro Airport from many international destinations (including Northern America and Central Europe), it is believed crucial that steps are taken by ANA Airports of Portugal, and TAP airline, to create at least four daily flights to Faro Airport, instead of Lisbon Airport, to avoid tourists having to wait for a link to the Algarve.

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