Albufeira to tackle late-night violence with CCTV video surveillance

CCTV surveillance cameras will be installed in Albufeira’s “most problematic areas” this year – the first being the popular and often-troublesome Oura bar district.

The announcement followed news that Portimão would also be installing a CCTV system in 2019 (click here).

The belief is that CCTV cameras have a “deterrent effect” and will help prevent crime.

Albufeira is the ‘capital’ of the Algarve’s nightlife scene, but over the years has become linked to scenes of late-night violence often fuelled by hours of reckless drinking.

One of the most serious cases dates back to June 2017, when around 50 anti-riot police officers were called to the Oura district to break up a brawl that started among a large group of young British holidaymakers (click here).

Hopes are that the cameras can help prevent these violent behaviours or at least help identify those who break the law.

As mayor José Carlos Rolo says, video surveillance can be “very useful as long as it is understood what it is being used for”.

The mayor laments, however, that the town’s bid to move forward with the project is being “held up by the Ministry of Internal Administration”.