Albufeira to be twinned with Austrian city

PLANS FOR Albufeira to be twinned with Austria’s third largest city, Linz, are progressing well.

A group from Albufeira Câmara, including Desidério Silva, the Câmara President, Carlos Silva e Sousa, the President of the Municipal assembly, Mário Soares Alves, the local councilman and Eduardo Vieira, The Austrian Consul in the Algarve, visited the city between September 5 and 10.

During the visit, Albufeira’s council members met with the President, council members and representatives of regional tourism in Linz.

Several sites were visited throughout the five days, including the Arts Electrónica Centre, the Municipal auditorium and the Linz sporting arena.

A new visit has been organised by Albufeira’s council members to Linz in December for a special regional festival that will be televised. Around this time, representatives from Linz are also expected to visit the Algarve.

Albufeira will participate in Linz’s tourism fair in February 2008, which will be the occasion of the official twinning of the two cities.

Relations between the cities will continue as events are being planned for next year. In June 2008, a musician from Albufeira will be present at the Linzfest, music festival.

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